We are excited to announce that WonderBlocks has been acquired by PLAYSTUDIOS to form the playBLOCKS division

About Us

About Us

WonderBlocks is a “PLAY-AND-EARN” in-a-box for game developers. We make it very easy for game developers to enable PLAY-AND-EARN capabilities into their games, as simple as installing an SDK.


PLAY-AND-EARN is the biggest paradigm shift for the gaming industry since free-to-play. Players are swarming to the new generation of PLAY-AND-EARN games where they earn tokens and participate in the game assets ownership and trading economy.


We expect that incorporating PLAY-AND-EARN mechanics can drive 10-20% lift in game engagement, retention and monetization. In addition, incorporation NFT game assets as rewards and as in-game utilities can drive up game retention and organic growth. WonderBlocks makes it very easy for you to offer this new capability as easy as installing an SDK and configuring the game behaviors associated to issuing tokens to your players.

  1. PLAY-AND-EARN for everyone!

    Play games in our ecosystem and earn WonderBucks. The more you play, the more WonderBucks you earn!
    Use WonderBucks to buy from a huge catalog of unique NFTS and experiencial rewards using our WonderRewards app. You can sell, trade and gift these rewards. You can also transfer them to your preferred wallets, such as Metamask and resell them on OpenSea.

wonder ecosystem

wonder ecosystem


Wonder Team

Wonder Team

The WonderBlocks team is stacked with an incredible amount of talent and expertise, spanning decades and decades of experience in gaming, loyalty systems, banking, ecommerce, media and advertising systems.

We have deep knowledge and experience in game making and operations, having launched and grown mobile and social games with over 2 million daily active users and reaching $200MM+ in annual revenue. We have built a loyalty system for digital games and have driven incremental 20% in LTV for the games that we operated. Our team has managed product lines that created over $1B in incremental value for major ecommerce & internet media companies in marketplace fees and advertising. Additionally, we have tremendous economic experience in central banking, in which we have and devised monetary policy and security (banknotes) printing. Specifically in the world of blockchain, we have developed cryptographically anchored banknotes on private blockchains, bridged traditional loans and real-world assets with tokens, as well as developed mathematically sound algorithmic token ecosystems. Further, the team has tackled cryptocurrency mining using renewable energy, helping to build a greener future.

Our team takes scalability and information security extremely seriously. We have strict systems security policy, supported by prior hands-on experience in data security for enterprise-level companies, and coupled with decades of experience in handling highly sensitive data and massive volumes of ecommerce transactions at two of the largest global ecommerce companies.

We are very passionate about the Blockchain space and are all long term HODLers and traders, with quant-level trading skills and experience.

We have the passion, drive and exceptional one-of-a-kind combination of expertise necessary to build WonderBlocks and WFUEL into a massive ecosystem, all while transforming gaming into Web 3.0.


Let us help you make your players happy by enabling PLAY-AND-EARN in your games!

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